Our Body tune Up program

Our “Body tune Up” program is going well and had some great success!!!!

Be sure to get 2015 off to a good start with a fresh new program tailored to you.  Our “6 Week Body Tune Up program” has been delivering some fantastic results.  Here are just a couple of clients and their success stories!!!

Verna’s Health and Fitness Journey

A back injury left me with chronic pain, so my doctor advised I take up Pilates. That was years ago and I’ve never looked back. Trish and her colleagues have guided my fitness and strength program, building on my strengths and improving where I’m weak. I now have good core strength to support my low back, better balance, more erect posture, and improved cardiovascular performance. Now we are focusing on getting my weight down, slowly and surely. Since starting on Trish’s nutrition and exercise program 6 weeks ago I’ve lost just over 4.5 kg and dropped a dress size, feel energised and I’m ready to face the challenge of the Silly Season knowing that my regime is now a habit that I can sustain. I am pretty self-directed, but I’ve found it’s great to have someone as a guide. I value every minute that I spend at InsideOut, whatever program I’m doing, and I recommend it without reservation.



Gills Health and Fitness Journey

Gill has been on the program since 27th of October and has so far lost 6kgs and 2 inches around her chest, 4 inches around her waist & hips, 2 inches around her legs and 2 inches around her arms.

Gill will be entering into the phase of the 7-12 week of the program – watch to see how much farther she goes.  Looking awesome Gill.


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